Constitutional Rights

Image by Anthony Garand

Free speech should not be suppressed and there is a move in our culture to “cancel” those that some don't agree with or say is “misinformation”.  Our free speech right needs to be upheld and protected for all.  I believe this cancel culture could eventually lead to a government like we see in Russia right now.  The Russia / Ukraine war is ongoing and we see brave Russian citizens speaking out against the war and getting arrested because they do not agree with the Russian government. These brave citizens are paying a great price to speak out to say what they believe.

Regarding the Second Amendment, no one wants to see violence of any sort, and imposing additional  regulations to law abiding citizens is not getting to the root of the problem.  Therefore I am against any further laws / regulation on Connecticut's law abiding citizens. Again, we should not take away our constitutional rights for law abiding people to bear arms to protect themselves from those who would do innocent people harm.  There are also many law abiding sportsmen in Connecticut that would also be affected.