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Constitutional Rights


I strongly support the protecting of our American constitutional rights, particularly the protection of free speech and the right for law abiding citizens to own and carry firearms for personal protection or for sportsmen purposes. There is a great move to strip away these rights in our society today, and these rights should be protected for all law abiding citizens!



Respect One Another


Today we have lost much of our ability to talk with one another from different policy or political affiliations. I believe we should strive to hear and talk to one another, but most importantly we should always strive to treat others with respect, even if they hold different or opposing views and opinions.

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Economic Freedom


I will be a strong advocate to help make Connecticut more affordable.  We need stop the flow of people fleeing Connecticut and make our state free again, making it a more attractive and affordable place for all businesses and citizens.

As government employees are retiring from the workforce, now is an opportune time to go back to agency and department core functions.



Parental Rights


I strongly support parental rights, as I believe it is the parent NOT the government/state that should decide what is best for their minor children.  Parents talking to board of education staff and or attending a school board of education meeting should always be heard. 



Rule of Law


I am a strong advocate of supporting “the Rule of Law” and keeping Connecticut safe.  I am against those that speak out to “defund the police”!  I believe we need to support and provide the necessary tools and resources needed for our police, law enforcement and fire service community, who all work to keep us safe.




Personal Liberty

 I am against government mandates where the government tells private citizens what health measures they need to take. Health decisions should be a private matter of individual choice, and only discussed between patient and his or her physician. I am against government mandates of forced vaccinations, masking and other engineering controls on private citizens.





Now more than ever, Connecticut needs strong leadership and a new sustainable path forward and what I am calling “Change Course Connecticut”.  You have my commitment to be a strong voice at the State Capitol for personal liberty & freedom and to a return to the American system of representative government.

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Mark DeCaprio



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