Personal Liberty

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These mandated policies that have been forced upon private citizens have resulted in good people being forced out of the workforce, with our society losing good employees in very critical job sectors such as health care, public safety, the military and many other areas. These mandated policies have also had negative academic and health effects to the children in our public school districts.  Again, health care has traditionally been a private matter between the individual and his or her physician, and this is where health decisions should be made. 


Regarding the PANDEMIC: The Governor in Connecticut does have authority to issue a public health emergency under CGS Chapter 54 Section 19a-131. In my opinion, a public health emergency should only occur when there is a true statewide emergency, and should not be issued or extended so Connecticut could receive additional federal funding.  I think this statute needs to be revisited based on what we have been through and have learned over the past two years. During this period there were many health professionals from around the country and in other countries that had gone on record stating that government mandates and restrictions should have been reduced or eliminated.  These individuals, many of whom were well credentialed, were not heard and worse had their opinion called false or misinformation, and many  having their voices and opinions censured.