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Constitutional Rights

I strongly advocate upholding our American constitutional rights, particularly free speech and the Second Amendment's protection of law-abiding citizens' right to own and carry firearms for personal defense or sportsmanship. 

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Respect One Another

In today's climate, dialogue across diverse policy and political affiliations has become increasingly scarce. 

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Economic Freedom

I'll will strongly advocate for making Connecticut more affordable, halting the exodus of residents, and restoring our state's appeal to businesses and citizens.

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Parental Rights

I strongly advocate for parental rights, firmly believing that parents, not the government or state, should determine what is best for their minor children.

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Personal Liberty

Now more than ever, Connecticut needs strong leadership and a new sustainable path forward and what I am calling “Change Course Connecticut."


In these critical times, Connecticut requires strong leadership and a sustainable, forward-thinking approach.

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Rule of Law

I strongly advocate for upholding the "Rule of Law" and prioritizing public safety in Connecticut. 

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