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Connecticut residents deserve a say in the gas-powered vehicle ban

It was less than two months ago that Democrats withdrew their proposed ban on gas-powered vehicles, due to various concerns voiced by Connecticut residents. Yet the Democrat majority party are now “feeling pretty good” about the prospects of adopting the California plan and make the California plan the new Connecticut plan. They are pushing now to have a special session before the regular session begins on February 7th, and by doing this it will prevent Connecticut residents the ability to weigh in on this very important policy. I believe that if the government is considering removing Connecticut’s residents’ choice of what vehicles they can purchase—Connecticut residents should be heard on whether or not government should do that!

Recently, I asked for your feelings on this proposed mandated gas-powered vehicle ban where approximately 78.9% of those who took the survey were against this ban, and with approximately 15.5% in favor of it with 5.6% not sure. A policy change such as this should allow every Connecticut resident the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns before such a decision is made.

If you are not in favor of this mandate, I encourage you to call Governor Lamont and other Democrats in the General Assembly, and tell them this critical issue should not be decided in a special session, because law makers need to understand how the majority of Connecticut residents feel about this unpopular mandated initiative.


As always, I look forward to hearing from you and getting your feedback on a gas-powered vehicle ban.



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